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What is TextBullet?

TextBullet is a blog writing service, allowing you to keep your blog updated with high-quality content at very low prices.

Who are the writers that are part of the TextBullet community?

Our writers are all native English speaking, carefully selected based on their experience and skills. Our community consists of experts in over 20 fields of expertise.

Who are TextBullet's clients?

TextBullet’s customer base ranges from individuals, small businesses, to large international corporations.

How do I order blog posts on TextBullet?

Ordering blog posts on TextBullet is simple. First, click here to choose how long you’d like your blog posts to be. Then select how many you need.

What kind of screening process does TextBullet have?

Our writers undergo a rigorous qualification process that begins with a skills test. A team of moderators validates each application and undertakes ongoing quality assurance reviews. This ensures that our writers maintain a high standard.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the writer's work?

After we complete your project we will ask you for a revision, to make sure you are satisfied. If for some reason our work does not meet your expectations, you have 7 days from the date that it has been submitted to you to let us know. Give us as many details as possible as to what you don’t like and what needs to be changed. If our writer’s revisions still don’t meet your expectations, we will assign your project to a different writer at no additional charge. You will not leave unless you are satisfied. For more information about our refund policy please check our refund policy page.

Will the content be original?

Absolutely. We follow a stringent ‘No Plagiarism Policy’ assuring you a 100% unique content. Our writers will check the copy for plagiarism on a premium tool like Copyscape. We can also provide a formal report or screenshots of Copyscape with the write-up on your request.

How do I contact TextBullet?

You can chat with us live or email us by visiting the Contact page. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

I want my website’s content to be updated regularly. Do you sign a contract?

Yes, we do sign a long-term contract. We wish to form a long-term relationship with our clients and take care of their content requirements.
To choose the plan that best suits your needs, check our pricing page here .

Why would anybody want to read a blog about my boring products?

Well, nobody will. That is unless you make sure that dynamic content is strategically written to draw in your target demographics.  What you sell is important, yes, but inserting interesting little tidbits of information like tips and tricks about your industry, any important updates or changes in the industry this is what TextBullet specializes in.  Creating content that keeps your readers coming back for more is the goal, which is why our writers complete and exhaustive research study!

Do your services extend to all types of websites?

Well of course!  TextBullet proudly manages a variety of sites.  If you name it we will be happy to manage it, with the team we have successfully built we are able to provide quality content regardless of the industry you work in.

Do you accommodate different blog software?

We are happy to be able to say that we will be able to provide our services regardless of the type of software being utilized by your site.  That’s why we request your URL after you have become a member.  We will simply log into your account and create the post with no fuss no muss.  Now if you prefer to make the posts yourself, just give us the email address you would like the completed post to be sent to and we will send it to you no questions asked.  You can then make the post yourself.

How do I know if the content is original?

We guarantee that all content is original and not spun.  As mentioned earlier, each post is run through a rigorous testing process designed to ensure the originality of each and every post.  Our team consists of writers who understand the importance of honesty and originality.  We hold our team responsible for their work and give them tools that help them avoid any issues with plagiarism or spun content.

Will I be able to approve posts before they are added to my blog?

Absolutely!  You simply need to let us know to keep them in “Pending” status in your system until you have the chance to read them and give us your approval to continue with the posting process.  As stated earlier you can also request that we send you the post via email so you can read them and post at your leisure.

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